WEBINAR – Create a sustainability innovation culture in your organisation:Employee engagement

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Create a sustainability innovation culture in your organisation:Employee engagement


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Learn how to leverage sustainable innovations among your employees to ensure profitable and ethical business in the coming years:

Join our us for this free webinar discussion on Wednesday 12th of February at 1pm GMT.

The 45-minute debate will delve into how companies can create an innovative culture within their organisation. Leading the debate will be:
Christine Diamente

Christine Diamente
Head of Sustainability, Corporate Messaging & Brand
Andrew Cave

Andrew Cave
Head of Group Sustainability
Royal Bank of Scotland
Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis
Head of Corporate Responsibility and Society

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Key areas of focus include:

How leading companies inspire their employees to come up with innovative sustainability ideas
How they prioritise ideas and put some of them into action
The results this can have, and how the process is best managed, effectively

There will be live polling and streaming of questions to ensure this both an informative and engaging debate.

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Elina Yumasheva
Elina Yumasheva
Conference Director
Ethical Corporation
T: +44 (0)207 375 7573
E: elina.yumasheva@ethicalcorp.com

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