Webinar | Choices for Human Rights – How Tourism Businesses Can Influence & Sensitise Their Travellers

12. Juli 2022 um 11:00 – 12:00

Choices for Human Rights – How Tourism Businesses Can Influence and Sensitise Their Travellers

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All info about the event: https://www.humanrights-in-tourism.net/Webinar-Traveller-sensitisation

Expert input and practice example
12 July 2022, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CEST

The awareness of sustainable travel is rising – but the question remains how this will contribute to long-term, meaningful development. Tourism players often say customers would have to demand sustainable products more to create more offers. In contrast, customers state that they would request more sustainable products if offered more.
There is still a lack of necessary information and consistent action to turn “want to” into “act for”.
It is often unawareness and a lack of sensitisation that lead to the demand for products incompatible with human rights and environmental due diligence. The phenomena of human rights risks and violations in tourism mostly remain invisible to travellers.

Tourism companies are understandably keen to present their products positively and attractively. At the same time, many are confronted with how to communicate supposedly “less pleasant topics” such as human rights and sustainability principles and sensitise their customers without raising a finger.

This webinar will shed light on how tourism stakeholders can influence travellers to choose more sustainable products with relatively simple means. It will help understand communication’s relevance to achieving customer understanding and goodwill for one’s business principles and highlight how customers can be sensitised in the destination.

Milena S. Nikolova is an expert in applying insights about human behaviour to sustainability, travel and education solutions. She will share passionate and practical insights on linking psychology with responses to the travel industry’s fundamental opportunities and challenges.

This webinar is targeted at tourism businesses and other stakeholders such as DMCs and is intended to

– Understand the power of understanding when communicating “supposedly unpleasant” topics with customers.
– Learn how to use this knowledge to nudge customers into more sustainable product choices.
– Show concrete measures to sensitise customers to social sustainability before and during travel.

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