Transforming global supply chains: the road to resilience and sustainability

“In a world characterised by disruption and change, supply-chain and procurement strategies are in a period of upheaval. Companies face risks ranging from geopolitical conflict, inflation, climate change, shifting regulations and shortages of labour and materials. Today’s supply chains must be robust, not just efficient.

Businesses are reassessing their entire value chain and must decide where to invest to increase resilience. This includes reducing financial risk, building capabilities closer to consumer markets and maintaining multiple sourcing options in case of disruption. Inflation is affecting prices, causing supply chain costs to rise and in turn catalysing inflation. Meanwhile, sustainability is a priority for businesses, in line with regulation, reputational risk, corporate social responsibility and competitive advantage. Although supply-chain and scope 3 emissions can account for up to 90% of a company’s total, many organisations are already struggling to meet their direct emissions targets. Where do they start as they try to transform their supply chains?

Join chief executives and board leaders for a roundtable discussion, programmed by Economist Impact and supported by GEP, to address pressing questions, including:

– What global trends will have the biggest impact on supply chains?
-How can organisations counteract loss in purchasing power caused by inflation without exacerbating the issue?
-How can businesses embed resilience into their supply chains?
-Where should companies focus immediate efforts to reduce scope 3 emissions?
-How can companies attain global supply-chain advantages while decreasing risk?”

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