The World Sustainable Procurement Day 2023

“The global Procurement community is ready to take actions to work towards a better and more sustainable future. The first-ever World Sustainable Procurement Day, organised during the 2022 spring equinox, attracted more than 6,000 Procurement Professionals from all over the world to discuss sustainable procurement challenges. Now more than ever, in times of uncertainty and economic ambiguity, we need to continue coming together to create positive change and deliver real impact!

About the event:

The second World Sustainable Procurement Day takes place on March 21, 2023, during the spring equinox. For 24 hours, you will be able to join hands-on & action oriented online sessions on a multitude of topics, presented by the SPP Team, SPP Chapters, SPP Champions, partners, and friends.

The Goal:

To empower and equip Procurement Practitioners with knowledge, best-practices, and practical solutions to Sustainable Procurement challenges that need to be tackled NOW.

Target audience:

It’s an event FOR Procurement Professionals organised BY Procurement Professionals. From students, to executive leadership, from operational to strategic purchasers, from indirect to direct spend, from private to public procurement, across all industries and across all countries – the World Sustainable Procurement Day is for you!

Why you should join:

This is a completely free entry 24 hour event starting with sunrise sessions in the global South-East and ending with its sunset in the global North-West:

filled with sessions streamed from around the world
about sustainability challenges in procurement & the supply chain
providing and co-developing hands-on practical and actionable solutions
FOR procurement BY procurement

We invite you to Sign The Pledge Now and join the SPP Ambassador Community on”

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