Summer of Purpose

“The original idea continues: Guided by the social sciences, we want to bring like-minded people and pioneers of change together in an interdisciplinary manner – for an open exchange.

In 2021, however, the goal will be even greater: not only to network people, but also to bundle forces and coordinate initiatives.
Munich, our “Global Village”, is the location and the window to the world.

On the way up to 2025, the Summer of Purpose is to create a strong community that drives the great transformation of regeneration in a wide variety of interaction formats and design spaces.

What distinguishes the Summer of Purpose?

The Summer of Purpose tries to find an answer to the pressing questions of our time – by searching for and defining PURPOSE.

The goal: Everyone starts in their immediate, organizational ecosystem and sets off for the transformation and the new era of regeneration.
He relies on different formats and interactive stylistic devices so that the expanding forces have an innovative effect on the form of dialogue.

First and foremost, the SoP relies on established relationships: all those invited are already connected to one another by other participants; this relationship culture creates a basis for trust and the special courage to change.

And this relationship culture continues to have an effect: In the first 9 days, projects are initiated which are then further developed over the summer (and with a long-term perspective of 5 years).”

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