This year, the European SDG Summit will focus on “Impactful Partnerships to Build Back Better”.

The Covid-19 crisis has been a human tragedy and a stress test for us all, and what it has revealed is concerning – from borders closing, protectionism and fraying supply chains. The world seems to have become a more isolated place overnight.

But now is not the time for division, now is exactly the time to increase cooperation across sectors and across the continent. With so much on the line, we all have a duty to collaborate towards the adoption of a sustainable and inclusive approach to growth.

Building on last year’s CEOs Call to Action, we are now inviting business leaders, industry federations and EU policymakers to join forces for a European Pact for Sustainable Industry which bridges EU economic silos, across borders and value-chains, to foster the transformation required to achieve the goals set forth by the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Discover Why Leading Executives of Our Network Are Supporting the Pact.

Solution-driven dialogues between business leaders, industry federations and EU policymakers;

High-level speakers from a wide variety of sectors and industries;

The best digital formats for highly interactive discussions and quality networking.

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