Imagination and Social Healing: Learning to Share Our Worlds

21. Mai 2016 ganztägig
Thiemannstraße 1
12059 Berlin
Veranstalter: Aftab Omer and Martin Michaelis

Imagination and Social Healing: Learning to Share Our Worlds
May 21st, 09:30 – 18:00
12059 Berlin, Germany

Meridian’s Center for Transformative Learning presents:

Imagination and Social Healing: Learning to Share Our Worlds

A Participatory Symposium and Inquiry guided by a team of 6 facilitators and 10 presenters

Conveners: Aftab Omer and Martin Michaelis · May 21, 2016 · Berlin, Germany

Imagination builds bridges. As more and more fences and walls are built in Europe and beyond, we gather this Spring in the city that took down its wall in order to heal, to imagine, and to build a future without walls.

Depending on one’s circumstance and consciousness, we dwell in many distinct fragmented and compartmentalized worlds. We gather here not to condemn, but to build bridges of understanding across our distinct worlds.

Our inquiry asks: How do we shift from collective trauma to collective healing, from collective insanity to collective wisdom, and from the hate and shamefulness of exclusion to the beauty of belonging? How can the great divide of otherness be transformed into discovering the empathy of sacred otherness?

In the words of Rilke, “The future must enter us, long before it happens.”

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