Global Shapers Climate Chat – Heated Conversations

“Basics of Sustainable Procurement & Why Sustainability Professionals should care – Steffi Kirchberger, CEO of JARO Services GmbH

Out of necessity to address the urgent climate crisis, the Berlin Global Shapers have kicked off the Climate Chat Series to discuss topics around climate change and its impacts on our planet. By connecting the dots between recent events around the world triggered by climate change, their scientific context, and the responsibility of businesses in paving the way forward, we want to unlock new narratives that support attendees in personally connecting to the complex topic of climate change and reflecting on what we all can do about it.

Join the Berlin Global Shapers in the third Climate Chat to hear from Steffi Kirchberger, the CEO of JARO Services GmbH and founding member of the JARO Institute e.V., to learn about the topic of sustainable procurement and why Sustainability Professionals should care . Steffi Kirchberger will provide insights on what Sustainable Procurement is all about and why Sustainability Professionals need to know about it, when they want to create a positive impact within their organisations.

Doing business and combating climate change don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Join us to learn how we can transform businesses into sustainability powerhouses.

You don’t have to be an expert to join – the discussions around climate change thrive with each and every person engaging in open dialogue. We plan to host these speaker series bi-monthly, so keep an eye out for the next one to join and keep the conversation going. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!”

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