Finance the change: How green is your pocket?

29. Januar 2020 um 19:00 – 22:00
The Place Berlin
Charlottenstraße 2, 10969 Berlin

Finance the change: How green is your pocket?

“As the world is waking up to the existential threat of the climate crisis, more and more people are inspired to make lifestyle changes. We try to reduce our consumption, waste less or change to sustainable eating habits. But what about the money we keep in our bank accounts? Money talks, as the saying goes, so how do we ensure that our money has a positive influence on the future of our planet?

At this event, we want to take a look behind the scenes of banking practices and discuss the consequences of investment decision making. Our banks may be using our money to earn profits from controversial and unethical investments – from the armament industry to nuclear power, new fossil fuel developments and even food speculation. So how can we know and what are the alternatives? We will take a look at ethical banking with Tomorrow Bank and cover some investment alternatives beyond banking.

Interested? Come join us and check out what opportunities there are to make an impact on a future we can all build together. We shouldn’t forget, by making sustainable choices we are forcing the economy to take our wishes seriously and promote a change.”


– Oliver Ginsberg | Tetrateam
– Julia Dubslaff | Facing Finance
– Inas Nureldin | Tomorrow Bank


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