Carbon Footprint – How to walk on smaller feet

5. März 2020 um 20:00 – 22:00
Patagonia Berlin
Münzstraße 10, 10178 Berlin

“Climate change and the demands of a booming urban environment confronts us with major challenges and threatens the future of our planet. How can cities deal with the risks and impact of climate change by moving to sustainable, zero-carbon and circular solutions?

Patagonia is coming together with Plan A with a panel discussion bringing climate scientists and researchers, NGO leaders and Startup founders to touch on those topics and give you insights around our carbon footprint, zero-carbon goals and much more.

1. Akuraju Vamsidhar – Head of Data at Plan A
2. Santeri Lehtonen – Project Manager at
3. Dina Padalkina – CEO at
4. Juri Krack – Researcher at UBA on energy policy and strategy “

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