Breaking it down: Plastic Packaging

26. Februar 2020 um 18:30 – 20:30
Impact Hub Berlin
Friedrichstraße 246, 10969 Berlin

“Circular Berlin and Impact Hub Berlin invite you to join us and our inspiring speakers for our first event in 2020, where we want to share our knowledge on the topic of Plastic Packaging.

In the last few years plastic packaging has been all over the media due to its devastating environmental impacts. But why do we have a system where a product designed for good, turned out to be so damaging? What are the regulatory limitations and how can the approaches of the circular economy help to overcome current challenges?

In 2019, some of our members were part of a research project led by TU Berlin, funded by Climate-KIC. The project focused on the role of information flow in the plastic packaging value chain. To proceed with this work we had to break down plastic packaging into different parts. Flexible packaging? Rigid packaging? Transportation packaging? Food contact related packaging? Understanding its function helps to find an appropriate solution for each of the types… or maybe not?

In our event we want to share the key results of our work and together with our partners, explain why addressing packaging as a whole does not always lead to the desired improvements in the system.

Detailed agenda will be announced soon.

This event is brought to you by the Circular Economy Tribe at Impact Hub Berlin – where change goes to work.”

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