BIPoC Perspectives on Sustainability and the Climate Crisis

BIPoC Perspectives on Sustainability and the Climate Crisis

“The climate crisis is more urgent than ever and at the top of political agendas all over the world. The discourse we hear predominantly in Western media is that of protecting the planet for future generations, though many Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities are already facing consequences of the climate crisis and have been for decades. Decolonization reminds us of the historical injustices that have led our planet to the state it is currently in. Communities that are least responsible for the climate crisis face a higher and disproportionate degree of the consequences brought about by climate change and global warming. Ironically, many of the sustainable solutions we see being promoted in our capitalist society are things that these BIPOC communities have practiced for generations – land regeneration, zero waste, etc. And disappointingly, international sustainability governance fails to properly include and prioritize the voices of these marginalized communities who are most affected. 

As such, this event will make space for BIPoC thoughts, experiences, and understandings when discussing sustainability and the climate crisis. It is an evening to hear from activists, researchers and from one another on how BIPoC are navigating the sustainability movement and how to better prioritize the needs of those most affected by the climate crisis.

SPACE IS LIMITED – RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW! Please note that only a limited number of tickets are available for free. If you are financially able to make a donation (minimum 1€, suggested 5€) then please do so and save the free tickets for those that may truly need them! THANK YOU xx

– Tonny Nowshin |
– Karin Louise Hermes
– Rebecca Abena Kennedy-Asante | BLACK EARTH

19:00 Doors open & Networking
19:30 Welcome & introductions from GreenBuzz 
19:40 Speaker 1: Tonny Nowshin 
19:55 Speaker 2: Karin Louise Hermes
20:10 Break
20:25 Speaker 3: Rebecca Abena Kennedy-Asante
20:40 Speaker 4: TBC
20:55 Q&A
21:20 Quick Pitches (audience is given 1min to pitch an idea or project to the room)
21:25  Networking
22:00 End

There will be a quickpitch session after the presentations which gives you the opportunity to present your project/organisation/company/idea in 1 minute.”

Tickets here:

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