6# Climate Talk: Adaptation to the Consequences of Climate Change


“Despite all our efforts, we will not be able to prevent all the impacts of climate change on the city of Berlin. The city needs to find ways to adapt to rising temperatures and extensive dry summers, by coming up with measures such as the creation of green spaces and the unsealing of paved roads. How do we implement these measures? And how will this adaptation influence our daily lives as individuals? Together with experts we want to dive deeper into these questions, exploring and discussing options and necessities in order to prepare the city’s infrastructure and citizens for future changes Come and join us for this last Climate Talk before the Young Climate Conference Berlin!

Speaker: Dr. Darla Nickel (Head of Berliner Regenwasseragentur); N.N.

From March to May 2021, our Young Climate Campus Berlin will offer many opportunities for you to connect, exchange, learn and develop ideas in a series of digital events focusing on the fields of action of the BEK 2030. The Young Climate Campus Berlin forms the learning roadmap to the conference. Don’t miss this chance to gain essential knowledge and skills and get political decision-makers to take real action on climate change in Berlin and beyond!
Digital Climate Talks

The Climate Talks will provide you with profound knowledge, as well as open and controversial discussion points and the chance to ask your own questions. They all focus on a specific field of action of the BEK 2030. Save the Dates and make sure to be there!”

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