Forum Empresa launches regional survey regarding the state of CSR in the Americas

Although quantitative studies conducted in Europe and Asia have demonstrated that companies are progressing regarding specific aspects of corporate government, the environment, working with communities, employees, and consumers, such comprehensive information on the Americas is still not available.

This is a gap that Forum Empresa, aims to fill. This organization is conducting research on the state of CSR in the region and is gathering information on the perception of business executives on these topics, through an online survey.

For now, it is crucial for the survey to receive as many replies as possible; we therefore invite you to spread the word so it can reach a large audience among the western hemisphere’s business executives. The survey is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, it will be online until the 25th of July and the results of this investigation will be made public in December at Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Please contact for more information.

About Forum Empresa
The Forum Empresa Network is an American alliance of CSR-based business organizations that promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR) throughout the Americas.

We strengthen national and regional organizations committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and encourage the establishment of new CSR-based business organizations in countries of the western hemisphere where we are not currently active. Forum Empresa provides support to those organizations and its members in order to encourage CSR practices within American companies.

Forum Empresa works jointly with other organizations on a case-by-case basis, to develop projects specially focused on promoting CSR within a specific country or region.

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