online: is world-wide, the only special search engine for issues of Corporate Social Responsibility and from now online in a beta version. According to the motto “YOU FIND MORE IF YOU SEARCH IN LESS” the website offers a very handy tool for CSR committed users: exclusively displays results with true relevance to the subject. This is made possible by the inquiry of 2,000 articles on, more than 5,000 entries in, and over 100,000 thematically relevant websites. The search results are clearly arranged and shown separately as html documents, PDF documents and results.

Sample the engine by entering cotton for instance. Whereas it is very difficult by using common search engines to focus on a search result list of just CSR related sites, displays within seconds a multitude of highly relevant sources.

Included in the search are the important sites of enterprises and organizations listed on the The world’s largest and ever updated directory device in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility contains more than 5,000 entries of enterprises, associations of enterprises, NGOs, research institutes and foundations from over 150 countries. Information for the registration of independent organizations or enterprises is accessible online.


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